Feb 2018


Last week we were honored to have some special guests from Horizon House (a local retirement community) visit our Madrona preschool. A group of residents donated a set of hand-made wooden toys that they made in the Horizon House woodshop, including blocks, puzzles, animals, trains and cars. We invited them to visit our program so we could say thank you and they could see for themselves how much our preschoolers love playing with the toys they made!

It was a fun morning! Our preschoolers got to meet our guests and talk and play with the wooden toys together. When we asked one child which of the donated toys was his favorite, he told us “All of them!” Madrona children and teachers presented our guests with a framed picture of the children playing with the toys and signed by our preschoolers, which is now on display at Horizon House. Thank you again to Frank, Ingrid, Joan and the rest of the wonderful folks at Horizon House for your generosity and support!