2024 Summer Program Registration is open! The online registration forms for our Seattle sites and Renton (Cascade Vista) sites are available below. Scroll down to find detailed information on our weekly themes, tuition, and dates!

Seattle Sites (Beacon Hill, Highland Park, Kimball, Madrona)

Cascade Vista (Renton)

“The teachers are great with the kids and I really feel like they know and understand each child individually, which is so important.”

– Launch Parent

Have the Best Summer Ever!

We are thrilled to bring another summer of unforgettable experiences for your campers! Registration for 2024 Launch Summer Programs is open now.

This year’s Launch Summer Camp theme was student-nominated and strictly voted on by our students!  We’re proud to announce that our youth have voiced “Wonders of the World” as their guiding theme. Explore the magic of the planet with weekly topics directly from our wondering campers’ minds! Things like Animals, Water, Space, Dinosaurs, Seattle-based Food, and much more will be investigated.

Launch will introduce new summer traditions, more inventive ways for children to lead games or activities, and the opportunity to interact with other camp sites more often! Our inspiration has always been kids, so it is no wonder we’ll be delivering a heavily youth-led summer that you won’t want to miss. It also brings us delight that our youth are reminding us to have a sense of wonder, since it is an essential human emotion and everyday wonder can help remind us that we are part of something. Through project-based play, we can’t wait to cultivate that curiosity of theirs into questioning skills, appreciation, respect, imagination, and creativity!

K-5th Grade Camp Duration:

During Summer 2024, we’re offering engaging summer programs for children ages 3–12 from 8 AM–6 PM, Monday-Friday. We’re offering 9 weeks of camp from 6/24–8/23 (Seattle sites) and 6/24-8/22 (Cascade Vista). You can sign up for the number of weeks that best meet your family’s needs!

Seattle Preschool Camp Information:

This summer, our preschool programs are only available at our Seattle locations to current Launch SPP families. Interested families will still need to submit a Launch Summer 2024 registration form and will be required to sign up for all 8 weeks of summer. SPP-only hours are 8:00am to 2:30pm.

  • Wrap care is available from 2:00pm to 6:00pm for a monthly fee of $743
  • Preschool programs start Monday, July 1st and end on Friday, August 23rd
  • CV Preschool information coming soon.

Seattle Preschool Camp Information:

This summer, our preschool programs are only available at our Seattle locations to current Launch SPP families. Interested families will still need to submit a Launch Summer 2024 registration form and will be required to sign up for all 8 weeks of summer. SPP-only hours are 8:00am to 2:30pm.

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Register for Summer

Registration for Summer 2024 is now open! Click the buttons below to access the required forms.

Paper copies of the registration form are available if needed.

Tuition Rates

School-Age Seattle Sites (Beacon Hill, Highland Park, Kimball, Madrona):

  • $462 a week + $75 nonrefundable Registration Fee (Week 1 and Week 2 prorated at $278/week)
  • SPP Wrap Care Available from 2pm to 6pm for $743 a month

Summer Camp Locations

Families can choose from 6 convenient Seattle locations!

Summer 2024 Schedule & Weekly Themes

Kids will get to do engaging, hands-on enrichment activities based on the weekly themes that will help them develop social-emotional and academic skills. Launch summer campers will also have plenty of opportunities for fun social interactions, making messy art, playing outside, and just getting to be kids! The weekly themes are:

  • Week 1: (June 24th/26th – June 28th): Welcome Wunderkin – In three short, fabulous days Launch students will mix and mingle, introduce each other, engage in dramatic play, and create ways to narrate what makes each one of them a ‘wonder child!’ Youth will be guided by improv, dance, music, games, and magic to encourage their storytelling.
  • Week 2: (July 1st  –  July 3rd): Ancient Wonders – Science tells us there are eight distinct civilizations that emerged from the ancient world, BUT we only have THREE days to uncover them ALL! Join us in examining the geography, inventions, games, accomplishments, and daily life of early people from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Maya, India, China, Rome, Greece, and Persia. From jewelry making to architecture, find out how the past connects the present.
  • Week 3: (July 8th – July 12th): Wonders of the GalaxyThis week we appreciate the beauty of our celestial neighbors with all-child favorites like cosmic slime, DIY star dust, galaxy splatter art and moon dough! We’ll design bottle rockets, race upcycled space shuttles and make balloon powered space rovers. We’ll also taste test astronaut food… yumm?
  • Week 4: (July 15th – July 19th): The Wonders of Land Before Time – The only way to study dinosaurs is to walk with them so we’ll be constructing a table-top version of Land Before Time with a Volcano! We’ll fossil dig, outrun predator dinos in the gym, learn about paleo art, and meet reptiles that roamed the earth during the Mesozoic Era.
  • Week 5: (July 22nd – July 26th): Wonderful Bites of Seattle – Come and enjoy a week of healthy bites, vegan bites, gluten-free bites, and not-so-good for you bites! Campers will plan, prep, and cook for their own community food festival at each Launch location. You had better make sure you have a ticket and an empty stomach for this event. During our first field trip of the season, campers will dine local at a restaurant of their choice this week.
  • Week 6: (July 29th – August 2nd): Wildlife Wonders – Is dedicated to the creatures we love in and outside our homes! Students will dip for water bugs at a nearby pond, animal collage, make bird feeders, create toys for pets in shelters, and brave a hike to find Big Foot, Sasquatch or the Yeti. All campers will also journey south to see big land animal friends at NW TREK.
  • Week 7: (August 5th – August 9th): Wonder, Build & Demolish – Taking cue from Seattle’s everchanging skyline Launch youth will draft, construct, and destroy their own architectural structures and more! Before making model dollhouses or mini neighborhoods, we’ll discuss city planning and imagine meeting community needs or designing neighborhoods without police or banks. Newspaper towers, balloon propelled vehicles, marshmallow catapults and Rube Golberg machines will be more epic ways to spend the week.
  • Week 8: (August 12th – August 16th): Launch World Wonder Games – May the strongest camp survive. A week of competition, games, recreation, fitness, and student spirit! All six camps will meet at Jefferson Park for FIELD DAY one day this week. Back at camp kids will play cooperative games, team build, exercise and create camp flags and chants to be ready for our first-ever (since COVID) Launch World Wonder Games!
  • Week 9: (August 19th – August 22nd/23rd): Underwater Wonders – Anything below water is a mystery children can’t seem to dry off. We’ll be diving deep into the mystic workings of water animals, water ecosystems, water phenomena, and water mythology. Watercolor art, creating our own splash park, reading mermaid folklore, tsunami safety practice, and coral reef creations are just a few activities swimming in mind.