“The teachers are great with the kids and I really feel like they know and understand each child individually, which is so important.”

– Launch Parent

Have the Best Summer Ever!

What does JOY look like “Around the World”? This year Launch wants to inspire our campers to learn different ways of knowing and being as they tour each region of the world to see how other children rest, play and imagine. We want to re-institute the importance of having fun and being curious and, most of all, ENJOYING the summer holiday.

We will navigate the global community through each of the seven continents as the weekly theme and learn each area’s uniqueness of culture through food, music, art, geography, animal life and tons of guest speakers!

Join us for a super fun summer program with lots of cool activities that will help kids make friends, create, discover, and learn! This year’s theme is a tribute to the beautiful cultures all around the world, represented within the inclusive and diverse community at Launch.

Pre-K-5th Grade Camp Duration:

During Summer 2023, we’re offering engaging summer programs for children ages 3–12 from 8 AM6 PM, Monday-Friday. We’re offering 8 weeks of camp from 7/109/1. You can sign up for the number of weeks that best meet your family’s needs!

Questions? Need language translation or help filling out the registration form? 


Register for Summer (Available on March 17th)

To register for Summer 2023, please fill out our electronic summer registration form (available on March 17th, 2023).

Paper copies of the registration form are available if needed. The registration form is also translated into Spanish // El formulario de registro estará disponible en español. Interpretation/translation services in 20+ languages are available!

FAMILIES INTERESTED IN SUMMER PRESCHOOL: We have very limited space available during Summer 2023 for new preschool families. If you’re interested in summer preschool and your child is not currently attending a Launch preschool program, please contact us at before submitting a registration form to confirm availability.

If your preschooler is currently attending a Launch preschool program, you will be automatically eligible for Launch’s Summer 2023 preschool program. However, you will still need to submit a Launch Summer 2023 registration form. Your Seattle Preschool Program funding will continue through this summer.

Summer Camp Locations

Families can choose from 5 convenient Seattle locations!

Summer 2023 Schedule & Weekly Themes

Kids will get to do engaging, hands-on enrichment activities based on the weekly themes that will help them develop social-emotional and academic skills. Launch summer campers will also have plenty of opportunities for fun social interactions, making messy art, playing outside, and just getting to be kids! The weekly themes are:

  • Week 1: (July 10th – July 14th): My World – Our introductory week is a long-time Launch custom and lets each camper learn about each other’s cultural backgrounds. This is a safe time for multilingual children to greet their friends in the language they speak at home. Teachers will lead children in a show-and-tell of items, images or dance routines representing each child’s world. We will also venture out to watch STG’s multicultural talent show: Dance This!
  • Week 2: (July 17th  –  July 21st): Europe – God dag! Como Stai? Let’s take up cycling and learn the Netherlands’ topography on a bike! Bike to Launch or bring your wheels for some playground time at the end of the week. Play with dough and make pasta for an Italian-style snack. Get inspired by Belgian cartoons and comics to make your comic book strip. Enjoy Irish folklore and Celtic art and imagery.
  • Week 3: (July 24th – July 28th): North and Central America – Bienvenidos! How are you? Take a tour of Canada’s Arctic tundra, relish Mexican and Caribbean cuisine, explore the jungles of Costa Rica, or dance to the rhythm of punta! This week we also embed and honor the traditions of different Indigenous tribes like the Taino people, the Aztec or Mayan cultures, Garifuna and Coast Salish. We will pay a visit to Daybreak Star Cultural Center and spend the day at Discovery Park.
  • Week 4: (July 31st – August 4th): South America – Olá! Avy’aitéiko rejuhaguere ko’ápe! Let’s continue down the western hemisphere and study Charles Darwin’s love for giant tortoises on The Galapagos Islands! Let’s play soccer in Argentina, speak Quechua in Peru as we visit Machu Picchu, and make Brasil Carnaval inspired costumes for a Launch fashion show!
  • Week 5: (August 7th – August 11th): Africa – Karibu, muraho neza! Welcome to our exploration of Africa! This week we will be making stops in several countries such as Rwanda and Lesotho to explore how kids play, explore, create, and express themselves here in the continent with the most countries in the world. Kids will make common foods, learn local games, explore new languages, and create art while they learn about specific countries and cultures.
  • Week 6: (August 14th – August 18th): Western Asia and Asia – Marhaba! Salam! Sawasdee! This week learn the Trabzon dance from Turkey that symbolizes the wild waves of the Black Sea and the fluttering of ‘hamsi’ (anchovy) fish. Learn playground songs in Arabic, nurture yourself with traditional Chinese medicine, learn to make spring rolls or sushi, and enjoy a meditative walk through Seattle’s Japanese Garden.
  • Week 7: (August 21st – August 25th): Australia and Oceania – G’day! Talofa! Karuwainene! Did you know that there are more sheep in Oceania than people? Come join Launch “Down Under” as we take campers through the 14 countries in Oceania and see what they do during their summer months in December, January, and February! How rad!
  • Week 8: (August 28th – September 1st): Our World – Our final week is another long-time tradition to celebrate water. Flow around the oceans with us as we review how water connects us and build on what we learned around the world. We’ll also deep dive into the Antarctic with ice-based experiments and cool climate research.  

*Launch will be closed on Monday, July 3rd, 2023, and Tuesday, July 4th, 2023.

Fees & Financial Assistance

Summer 2023 tuition is $420/week for school-age (plus a nonrefundable $50 annual registration fee and a deposit of $15/week per child) and $615/month for preschool.

If you’d like your child to attend Launch but can’t afford tuition, the summer deposit, registration fee, or your city/state childcare subsidy copay, please contact us at to get more information about financial assistance. Don’t hesitate to reach out, even if you think you might not qualify for aid — often we can still help!

COVID-19 Health & Safety

We take the health and safety of your children and our staff very seriously, and our summer programs will operate in compliance with Public Health of Seattle & King County’s COVID-19 safety guidelines for child care providers. You can view our current COVID-19 health and safety procedures here.