Launch supports working families from all social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. Families who enroll in our program enter a network of assistance that strengthens the community, while offering positive opportunities for their children.

These are just a few of the many ways we’re here to help:

  • We have strong ties with community partners who offer resources and services for families, including housing referrals, medical and dental care, immigrant services, language and literacy services for adults and children, and financial assistance services.
  • Our staff is adept at helping children with learning exceptionalities. When additional support is needed, we collaborate with community partners such as Public Health, Seattle Public Schools, and other advocates to address these challenges.
  • Launch is dedicated to offering high-quality education and child development opportunities. In addition to teaching children, we also offer parent education classes to support entire families and therefore strengthen communities.
  • We gladly offer help navigating the public school system as well as the special education system.