Mar 2022


Registration for Summer 2022 is now open! Visit our registration page to sign up!

Join us for a super fun summer program with lots of cool activities that will help kids make friends, create, discover, and learn! This year, Launch’s summer campers will explore the theme “Earth, Ocean, Sky”, which is a tribute to our environment, local and afar, and is inspired by young climate justice activists like Txai Surui, Greta Thunberg, and many other speakers from the UN Summit in Glasgow, Scotland this past school year.

Each week will have a theme that ties into the overarching summer theme, and kids will get to do engaging, hands-on enrichment activities based on the weekly themes that will help them develop social-emotional and academic skills. Launch summer campers will also have plenty of opportunities for fun social interactions, making messy art, playing outside, and just getting to be kids, which is incredibly important after 2 years of isolation and social distancing!

During Summer 2022, we’re offering engaging summer programs for children ages 3–12 from 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday. We’re offering 9 weeks of camp, and you can sign up by the week for however many weeks best meets your family’s needs!

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Summer 2022 Schedule & Weekly Themes

Campers will explore each weekly theme through fun, hands-on activities and projects including arts and crafts, science, music, reading, writing, and play. The weekly themes are:

  • Week 1 (June 27th-July 1st): Launch ROCKS! – Campers will get to know each other over nature walks, mudslides, and pet rocks. Groups will also make Garden Charters to set safe expectations for summer. We’ll also explore Washington geology and the states’ natural sciences through disaster drills & earthquake proofing, map and compass reading, and painting with egg tempera and materials from the earth!
  • Week 2 (July 5th-July 8th): Sky High – It’s off to the stars this week, where we’ll be exploring the night sky, planets and stars, and our solar system. Campers will make solar system dioramas, create our own constellations in art activities, explore virtual experiences through the Willard Smith Planetarium, and learn about the cultural stories behind what people see in the stars.
  • Week 3 (July 11th-July 15th): Under the SEA – Dive into SEAttle’s oceanscape! We’ll learn all about our local oceanic, river, and lake friends. We’ll look to compare beach life from Sound life to the deep, mysterious sea.
  • Week 4 (July 18th-July 22nd): Creatures Past and Present – It’s back down to earth this week, where we’ll explore dinosaurs and fossils, do an archaeological dig, hunt for bugs, research endangered animals, and learn about the living creatures that call the Pacific Northwest home.
  • Week 5 (July 25th-July 29th): Where the Wind Blows – Our heads may be in the clouds, but we’re still grounded in learning! This week, we’ll explore weather patterns and identify cloud changes in our science journals. We’ll get active and move our bodies like the wind with ribbon dancing, and get creative with making air dry clay creations, wind chimes, DIY Pinwheels, balloon art, and play with bubbles!
  • Week 6 (August 1st-August 5th): Seattle Seafair – Launch will join in the Seafair celebration by hosting our own BBQ celebration before Seafair weekend is back! Our young people will also create their own boats and race them, explore buoyancy, and will discover the many ways people travel across the water.
  • Week 7 (August 8th-August 12th): Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – This week, campers will learn all about sustainability! We’ll explore recycling and the composting cycle through hands-on activities, learn about gardening and plant life cycles with the help of local farmers, and create art through upcycled projects. This week will have Recycled Art projects galore!
  • Week 8 (August 15th-August 19th): I’m So Fly – A week dedicated to aviation and birds! We’ll take a field trip to the Museum of Flight to learn about how humans made it up into the air, explore flight with paper planes, and study local birds by bird watching or dissecting owl pellets. Having a talent show where kids can show off what makes them “supa fly” will also be a part of this week.
  • Week 9 (August 22nd-August 26th): We Are Water Protectors – Campers will apply all their local oceanography knowledge by exploring how to care for Puget Sound and its ecosystem. As the book reads: “Water has its own spirit, Water is alive.”

*Launch will be closed on Monday, July 4th 2022

Fees & Financial Assistance

Weekly tuition fee for Summer 2022 is $390/week.

Please note there is a $50 annual registration fee and a $15/week summer camp deposit per child. We accept DCYF/DSHS and City of Seattle child care subsidies, and also have Launch tuition assistance available.

If you’d like your child to attend Launch but can’t afford tuition, the summer deposit, registration fee, or your city/state childcare subsidy copay, please contact us at to get more information about financial assistance. Don’t hesitate to reach out, even if you think you might not qualify for aid — often we can still help!