Dec 2015


Launch preschool teachers are heading back to school! Our participation in the Seattle Preschool Program means that there are some additional educational requirements for preschool teachers. North Seattle Community College, the Seattle Preschool Program, and a number of other nonprofits are working together to create a pathway for experienced preschool teachers to finish their degrees while continuing to work as teachers.

Five of our preschool teachers are enrolling in North Seattle Community College’s Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Early Childhood Education (ECE) program. Launch is committed to doing everything we can to support our teachers in this endeavor. We’re working with a number of organizations including the Seattle Preschool Program and Washington Scholars to help our teachers access funding for tuition. We’ll also make sure that our teachers have a flexible schedule so they can attend classes as needed, and are supporting their learning by helping teachers complete their learning practicums as part of their normal job duties.

We’re so proud of our teachers for taking the initiative to further their education and become even better educators!