Jan 2020


Good afternoon Launch families –


Today is Tuesday, January 14th. SPS has declared that all after-school programs are cancelled. As per Launch policy, we will also be cancelling our after-school programs today.


If your child is enrolled in our Preschool program, we will be closing at 2p. Launch will not be offering wraparound care, so please pick up your child from your Launch site by 2pm.


If your child is enrolled in our School-age Afterschool program, please pick up your child from your child’s school as all Launch sites are closing at 2p and will not be admitting children after that time.


Safety is one of Launch’s core values and it is something we take very seriously. We know how challenging weather-related schedule changes are for our families and try very hard to provide clear communication about the changes. If you are unclear about whether or not your program will be open on a particular day, please check our website or call our administrative office voicemail at 206-726-7972. For more information about our hazardous weather policies, please visit the Health and Safety Practices page on our website.


Thank you and we will keep you updated if anything changes.


Stay safe and warm!


Warm regards,

The Launch Team