We offer Leap Ahead from 7AM-6PM, with the core program hours from 9AM-4PM. A sample Leap Ahead schedule is below; specific timing may differ slightly at each site.

7AM-9AM: Check-in, free choice, outdoor play, large group games, etc

9AM-9:30AM: Greeting/Circle Time, announcements, and breakfast.

9:30AM-10AM: Small Group Time. Teachers lead enrichment activities designed to support kindergarten readiness. Enrichment activities are hands-on, fun activities that help children learn by doing. For example, this could include art, music, science experiments, cooking, crafts, literacy, etc.

10AM-10:15AM: Planning Time. We use a sequence in our programs called Plan-Do-Review where the children get to plan where they’re going to play (e.g., in the arts area) and what they’re going to do (e.g., paint a picture), then they go carry out their plans during Work Time (meaning, they go play and do what they planned they would) while the teachers observe, support, join in play, and help scaffold learning through play. After Work Time is over, they have Recall Time in small groups where they talk about what they did and reflect (e.g., What did you do? Was it what you planned? What changed? Why? What did you learn? Who did you play with?), which helps develop cognitive skills.

10:15AM-11AM: Work Time

11AM-11:30AM: Clean Up and Recall Time

11:30AM-11:45AM: Large Group Time. This is a time where the Leap Ahead children gather in one large group and do physical activity together, for example, music, dance, games like Simon Says, yoga, etc.

11:45AM-12:20PM: Outdoor play. Children go outside and have free choice. They can go on the play structures, play basketball/kickball, jump rope, run around, make up games with friends, etc.

12:20PM-1PM: Wash hands and eat lunch.

1PM-2PM: 3R’s – Recharge, Read, Relax. This is a designated quiet time, which is important for preschoolers who may still be transitioning away from naptime. Teachers read to children and children have the opportunity to relax and take a break.

2PM-2:30PM: Small Group Time. Another round of teacher-led enrichment activities focused on supporting math, social studies, and science.

2:30PM-3PM: Large Group Time. This time is focused on social-emotional skills development.

3PM-3:15PM: Snack. We serve a hearty mid-afternoon meal for snack time. Because many Seattle elementary schools only give 15-20 minutes for lunch, this shortened snack time helps get incoming kindergartners used to eating on a faster schedule.

3:15PM-4PM: Open learning stations. Teachers open up specific learning stations (art, science, etc.) and children can choose from activities at those learning stations.

4PM-6PM: Free choice, outdoor play, large group games, etc.