Located at Beacon Hill International School
2025 14th Ave. S, Seattle 98144

We have a great summer planned! Children will make friends, play and learn, and enjoy fun, hands-on activities based on weekly themes:

Week 1 (6/29 – 7/2): Messy, Fun Science

Roll up your sleeves, it’s time to get messy! We’ll be exploring the expanses of our galaxy and the natural beauty of our home planet.

Week 2 (7/6 – 7/10): Water Works

Cool off and splash around in the water! We’ll have water games, the water cycle, water balloons, and everything in between.

Week 3 (7/13 – 7/17): Go for the Gold!

Launch at Beacon Hill will host its own 2020 Olympics by trying out some events ourselves! We’ll learn about the culture and history of the Olympics and enjoy field day.

Week 4 (7/20 – 7/24): Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Wands at the ready! Let’s get creative with world-building, character creation, and our imaginations.

Week 5 (7/27 – 7/31): Adventures Through Time

When would you go if you had a time machine? Medieval times? The Wild West? To see some dinosaurs? Let’s explore together.

Week 6 (8/3 – 8/7): Animal Planet

From animals that are native to the Puget Sound to the world’s weirdest ones that you’ve never heard of, we’ll learn about all creatures great and small!

Week 7 (8/10 – 8/14): Build it!

Engineering supports us all. We’ll do fun activities with Legos and other objects to learn about the process and planning it takes to build a structure.

Week 8 (8/17 – 8/21): Myths and Legends

Some myths describe the creation of the world; others are just spooky. Students will create their own legends and bust some myths this week!

*Field trips subject to change due to weather or availability.

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Questions? Please call our Beacon Hill location at 206.328.7475, or contact our Admin Office at 206.726.7972.