“When we had our kid, we had no family nearby, little income, and barely any community around us to help. Childcare was difficult to arrange, and I ended up staying home after I was laid off from my job because I couldn’t find work that paid enough to cover the cost of childcare. The lack of money and time put a lot of strain on everyone.

Since joining Launch, we feel immensely grateful for how much it has reduced financial strain. The extra hours of care have allowed me to work more on my business and improve my health. We have also been delighted by the wonderful staff and programming. Our daughter loves the teachers, the food and the play and activities. The environment is welcoming, diverse, and we feel more a part of our community. Before Launch we felt frustrated and exhausted by how difficult it is to have a young family in Seattle. Though we were always supporters of a public preschool program, we feel even more strongly now that programs such as Launch are a vital part of creating a livable city and that Launch is doing it the right way.”

–Launch Parent


What is Launch?

For four decades, Launch has served children of all backgrounds in the greater Seattle area. Our programs support a child’s social, emotional, and educational development—leading to brilliant outcomes. We have twelve locations run by trained, caring staff who provide research-based, enriching activities for preschool and school-age children. Launch is here to serve your family!


How We Serve

The Launch Equation:

Outreach + Advocacy + Equity = A holistic educational program for all of the children and families in our network

Launch collaborates with community resources to provide quality, equitable educational programs and a network of assistance to all of the children in our care.